Canilla Lana Rústica - Colores Vivos

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Rustic wool bobbin dyed in bright colors from fine merino and entrefine sheep from Castilla y León, carded and spun by Master Craftsmen in Val de San Lorenzo. 

Natural wool, dyed with bright colors. A whole range of amazing vivid tints to add color to your projects.

Despite its certain rusticity, it may even contain some vegetable remains, this wool transmits a pleasant sensation to the touch and a great behavior with the needles, especially with the wooden ones. It offers a good response to washing with which it gains in softness. The bobbin is very striking due to its format, which is the one used in the shuttle of manual looms.

This yarn is ideal for beginners in the world of knitting or crochet and for those who are looking for good value for money.

100 gr bobbins (approx. 193 m)

Recommended needles: knitting no. 5-6, crochet no. 4-4.5