Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet Journal

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The Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet is an integral part of the Cocoknits Method – a system for knitting seamless, tailored, top-down sweaters. 

The Sweater Worksheet Journal contains 24 blank worksheets and doubles up as a diary of the sweater-knitting process. All information – from date begun and finished, yarns used, gauge, pattern source – can be recorded in its pages for future reference.

Why your customers will love this:

  • Makes knitting sweaters using the colour-coded Cocoknits Method carefree, with little counting required
  • Allows knitters to shape the yoke of any seamless, yoked sweater pattern easily, without referring to written-out instructions
  • Can be used with any seamless, yoked sweater pattern even if the pattern is not from Cocoknits
  • Can be used as a journal to record details of each sweater knitted, for future reference