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Från Addis hemsida:

We are revolutionising knitting! With this 3-piece set of flexible double pointed needles, now, even the smallest diameters can be knitted very easily, and without getting tired. This is possible due to the particular bendiness of the middle part. When knitting in rounds, the stitches are distributed over two needles and the third needle is used for easy knitting – meaning only two needle changes per row. Due to the flexible middle part, the needle fits into any hand, and so ensures a very pleasant knitting experience. They can also be used as cable pattern needles. In the US market the needles are called addi FlexiFlips.
The idea for this fantastic needle comes from all-rounder Sylvie Rasch. Thanks to the cooperation with "CraSy" Sylvie, we were able to adjust the addiCraSyTrio perfectly to the wishes and requirements of every knitting fan. The needles make it easier and quicker to knit socks, sleeves, turtlenecks, caps, mittens and baby clothes. This product is protected by a German Federal Utility Patent.