Baby Yak I Lace

  • 225 kr
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100 % babyjak, tvåtrådigt garn.

350 m/50 gr. 

Stickor 1.5 - 3.25 mm

Text från hemsidan:

Baby yak is the bedrock of our company. Touching worsted-spun baby yak down is a unique experience: a precious fiber that creates a fabric different from anything else you have ever knitted before. Worsted-spun baby yak down yarn is a luxury fiber that will yield a fabric unlike anything you have knit before. Baby yak has a similar micron count around 17 microns to cashmere. It is warm and lustrous, lightweight and breathable, making it perfect through the seasons. In two versatile weights, lace and medium, baby yak can become almost anything: an heirloom shawl or your new favorite sweater.

According to the down color, we obtain three natural shades (chocolate, desert and oatmeal) which we dye in order to get our palette of soft colors that evoke the five elements of nature. Most yaks are of an intense shade, therefore light colors are very rare and even more precious.