Tukuwool sock

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The renewed Tukuwool Sock is here! Tukuwool Sock is a unique Finnish sock yarn spun and dyed in Finland with Finnish Wool and now with Biodegradeable Polyamide for durability. 

Tukuwool Sock yarn is designed with sock knitters in mind. The woolen spun non-superwash wool yarn makes warm and comfortable socks. The three-ply yarn is twisted tightly but gently to create a light and lively yarn for an enjoyable knitting experience.

NEW SKEIN SIZE! The generous 320m / 100g  skein is enough for a pair of socks for adults, knitted with 2.5mm to 3mm (US1.5 to US2.5) needles and gauge of 26-28 sts per 10cm (4”).

The versatile Sport weight yarn is suitable for various types of knits and knitted textures. The gauge varies from 23 to 28 sts per 10 cm ( 4”) with 2.50mm to 3.75mm (US1.5 to US5) needles.

Tukuwool is spun with 100% Finnish Wool, mostly Finnsheep with some Finnsheep-Texel crossbreed wool. Finnish wool has the original, natural hand feel and scent.

Biodegradable polyamide used for durability, can be broken down by natural processes into harmless components within a reasonable timeframe, approximately 5 years, unlike traditional polyamide, which can persist in the environment for decades.

Carefully chosen color palette includes both natural undyed shades as well as dyed colors in both white and grey base. Undyed colors are 01 Sake natural white and 03 Auri natural grey.

Handwash in cool water is recommended.